This blog is the first one that I have opened, but I did not post anything here until two years later.

I have a blog for each section of each class I teach. Otherwise, most of my blogging is at . That blog is a platform for items of interest in the area of my professional work as a professor of curriculum.

I encourage my students to have at least two blogs: at least one for professional matters, and at least one separate blog for political, personal, or other things that don’t belong on the professional blog. The existence of this blog — even before I ever used it — has helped me over the last two years resist the temptation to post other things on any of my professional blogs. This space was here for any of those things. I’ve often felt the urge to post things that would go here; but those things had lower priority so I never got around to posting them. I always knew that this space was here though, so I wasn’t tempted to put things on any of my professional blogs that don’t belong there.


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